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PLant spirit medicine


I am an Onānya

Akayah has long been fascinated by the wisdom of nature and plants. The foundation of her therapeutic practice is built upon her training as a Registered Nurse. Seeking to deepen her knowledge as a healer, Akayah has studied therapeutic modalities that aim to identify the root causes of our imbalances that often lead to illness, blockages and a lack of spiritual purpose and meaning in ones life. Her holistic view and approach to healing and evolution is in alliance with plant medicine and plant-based nutrition which includes her studies of Clinical, Western and Alchemical Herbalism, while simultaneously training an Onānya in the Shipibo-Konibo tradition of the Peruvian Amazon.


Her unique approach to wellness provides an integrative and holistic framework that supports the restoration of vitality beyond the body and into the realms of spiritual evolution. Akayah holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, a 4-year Clinical Herbalism Certificate and has completed a cumulative of 2.5+ years of Master Plant Dietas over 13 years of training in Vegetalismo, including a 1 year isolation Dieta in Peru apprenticing under Maestro Ricardo Amaringo. Akayah continues to deepen her practice and training in Dietas with Maestro Ricardo. She brings groups to Peru, Costa Rica and leads Plant Spirit Medicine retreats in various locations.

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